Saturday, 27 July 2013

Is Nivea Reading my Mind???

Us women. Running around, making our money, raising our families, building our empires.
(Or, like me right now, sitting on the sofa eating Twisters...)
We're all so busy and important. There is NOT. ENOUGH. HOURS. IN. THE. DAY.
So who has time for moisturising?!
Certainly, it seems, not the women at Nivea, who have come up with this....

I have to be honest, I did a little air-punch when I got my hands on this.
Why? Am I so busy I need to save the precious seconds this will save me in my beauty routine?
Mmmm well, no. Essentially it's because I'm quite lazy.
But unfortunately, I'm also quite dry. Moisturising after a shower is a must if I don't want to look like a snow globe.
And no matter how many shower gels promise to soothe skin, I still find my knees cracking after wash time.

And I'm not accusing Nivea of delving in to my brain and scooping out my thoughts, but it was during a shower recently that I was all 'huff puff cba- I wish someone would invent a moisturiser I could use in the shower...' And lo and behold, look what we get...


Is it the answer to my prayers?
Well, I'm not going to be shouting from the rooftops of anything, but yes, for anyone that's a) lazy and b) dry or c) busy- invest in this.
I'm really enjoying the simple pleasure of getting out the shower and not feeling sore. Just being able to put my clothes on and go.
It's also good for when you're planning to fake tan but you can't slap on a load of moisturiser.
All in all, I like.
It's a bit more expensive than an average budget moisturiser but it's lasted through a few weeks of my daily showers and it's got the classic Nivea smell to boot.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

REVIEW- L'oreal Miracle Cleansing Oil

Lately I've been in to cleansers in a big way.
The dream, I'm sure we all agree, is for skin so good make-up isn't required.
Unfortunately this is but a dream. Unless you're, like, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

I don't know about you, but I (Little Miss OCD) can't stand the thought of grime on my face. Maybe not on, more specifically- in.
The thought of all those pore-clogging nasties we encounter every day without even thinking about it *shivers*

When I get in after a long day, washing it all away is somewhat of a therapy for me.
What is it that man once said?..The best ideas often happen in the shower.
Maybe that's a little off tangent. But the point is, cleansing is a form of therapy.
For me, anyway.

Now, I'm a big fan of L'oreal's Micellar Solution.
And with the launch of that (what has become) beauty blogger's holy grail, came this-

Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil.
I got this on offer for £3.99- think it's usual price is around £5.99
Is it worth it? Well a decent pack of cleansing wipes is going to set you back the offer price, and this is definitely going to last longer.

First of all, I was surprised to find it's a pump instead of a spray- but I guess that's neither here nor there.
Like the Micellar Solution, the packaging is clean and looks fresh.
One pump and you rub it over your face to get rid of make-up.
Does it wipe away waterpoof mascara? Yes.
But it does leave some residue.
Unlike the Micellar Solution, this has to be washed or wiped away. Which might be a bit inconvenient if you're on the go.
But it goes on smooth, feels good on the skin and cleans in seconds.

All in all, I really like this.
But not as much as its watery friend.
Of the two, I'd say go with that. But if you love cleansing as much as I do (because I lead a very sad existence), then threat yourself to this as well.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sorry about that.....

I know everyone's been pining after me, checking and refreshing for hours on end for another, let's face it, excellent review. So it will warm the cockles of your heart to know I'm back. This means more reviews and hauls than you can shake a bottle of Bioderma at....