Tuesday, 7 May 2013

REVIEW- MUA Power Pout

Hello, my name is Chubby Stick and I'm made by Clini...oh no, wait....I'm a Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stai....no, no wait a second...what does this writing say?
Oh okay, sorry, let's start again.
Hello, I'm a Power Pout Tint and Balm from MUA.

Well to be fair to the little bright fellow, it can't be easy not to get confused when you look so much like something else. 
It looks so much like the Chubby Stick and Revlon balm stains that I had to do a double take earlier. 

Balms and stains have made waves in the blogging world of late- it's little wonder that budget brands are now bringing out their own formulas. And good on them!, I say. 
But it's all very well selling yourself as a dupe of something- you have to make sure you've got a decent formula inside.

Just like the Revlon Just Bitten, this has a minty scent.
It is slightly chemical-ly, though not at all unpleasant.
When first applied, this gives your lips a bit of a tingle.
Maybe this might be doing something? It does say it's a 'balm' afterall...

Colour-wise, this stuff is faultless.
Runway is a deep coral-red colour and the packaging pretty much matches what's on the inside.
I haphazardly applied this in my first test-run and didn't look in the mirror properly. When I did, I was really (unexpectedly) taken with the colour.
Thedensity is much thicker when applied to the lips than the hand, but even blended out, this leaves a gorgeous glossy hint of tint that really lights up your face.

The downside?
Well, this stuff slips and slides.
While the initial feeling you get from applying this is 'wow, that was so easy', look in the mirror five minutes later and you'll find bleeding right across your cupids bow.
So the best way to put this on is little layers, plenty of blotting.
Which, unfortunately, makes a product that is designed to have a seamless and quick application a bit more of a faff.
And makes it more drying...ironic for a lip balm.
The bleeding might not be such a problem with the nude shades, such as Rendevouz.
But Runway really stands out.
Especially when it's on your chin.

Inevitably, these are going to be compared to the Revlon Just Bitten balm stains.
But that's to be expected when they're such an obvious dupe.
I know a lot of bloggers are saying they're almost identical, but I...*deep breath* have to disagree.
These are definitely more of a balm than a stain.
The formulation, in my opinion, doesn't stick and comes off with one careless swipe of the back of a hand.
To be fair though, these not once call themselves a 'stain'.
So as a 'balm' and a 'tint'? Yes- they definitely live up to their descriptions.
For £3, it's definitely worth a little treat. I'll be cracking this out a lot in the summer. I'll just be be very careful about where it's applied...

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