Friday, 17 May 2013

REVIEW- L'oreal Glam Shine Stain Splash (this is a long one...)

Mixed bag: that's how to describe the many (many) reviews I've read of the L'oreal Glam Stain Splash.
But that's probably to be expected when a product is as hyped-up as this one.
Not least because bloggers were hoping for a YSL dupe.

L'oreal and YSL are part of the same's surely got to be, right?!
Well, evidently from what I've read- wrong.
And so a lot of those who were hoping for luxe at L'oreal prices were left disappointed.

Because of all the hype, I wasn't really expecting to like these lip stains.
Everyone knows you put Cheryl Cole on a product, pass it off with the word 'stain' and voila- you've got a best seller on your hands.
But the results of my little blogger musings have amused even me...

What It Says
New Glam Shine Stain Splash: it's a gloss that acts like a stain.
Our first of its kind 30% water-based formula to finally quench your thirst for shine AND lasting colour!
Application is easy with its unique feather soft wand that matches perfectly the contour of your lips.Shine feels fresh, barely there.Colour is easy with a stain finish that lasts up to 6 hours without drying out.

Well- the first thing to say is that I almost didn't buy one of these!
 ...have you seen the colour choices?!
Besides the one I went for, Juliet, I'd probably only otherwise pick Princess if I had to.
A couple of the pinks look pretty- but the nudes and lilac shade...really? 
Is that seriously what people want? 

I hope in time they'll bring out some better varieties- maybe an autumn berry? *hint hint*
Because at the moment, the most of these I can go to is two.
If the colours caught my imagination- who knows?! Maybe I'd end up with the whole set.
But right now, most are more bland than the carpet in my grandmother's hallway.

Except for Juliet- the one saving glory. A nice pinky-red that goes well with a smoky bronze eye.

In the advert, I've definitely heard CC say this 'feels like water' on the lips.
Well this isn't true.
The product is definitely heavier than water (which is just as well- H2O would be slipping and sliding all over the place).
You can feel this on your lips for a long time after applying.
I expected it to dry rapidly, but the glossy texture stays.
Slowly, this wears away in to a stain- but I can definitely get a good two hours of shine out of it beforehand.
And it's a bit more bright and red than in the photos. 

.......As for the six hour stay claims?
Well- actually-this is definitely up there with the best of them.
On first trial, I applied it at 2.30pm.
I then had Costa, went on a long train journey, ate, and drank some more- but the colour still remained.
I ended up re-applying four hours later. 
(Unfortunately it does break up after a while and has a tendency to creep in to any lines on the mouth.
And when it comes to re-applying, your best bet is to remove all of the product from the lips and start over.
Otherwise you end up with darker patches where the older layers have crept in to your crevices. Uncomfortable for all involved.)

 I like the wand on this product though- not only does it stop you from swiping on too much product, it makes application quick and easy.
And when first applied, my lips look instantly fuller.
In fact, I really like wearing this full stop. It does, as its name suggest, make me feel 'glam.'
This colour would work well to perk up a bare face and is, I would suggest, a pretty good choice for work (if you're allowed obvious lip colours...otherwise you might have to plump for the nudes...poor you).
When I wear this, I don't have to worry about it bleeding out or getting on my teeth- despite the long-lasting glossy texture.
I know some bloggers have said they needed to apply five layers to get the colour they wanted- but I don't find that's the case at all. Two is optimum and the colour density is a lot thicker than I expected.
So yes- sorry if this review has enabled you. Or if it's out-of-kilt with others you've read.
But I'm going to say it- I really, really like this product.
Maybe that's because I was expecting to hate it- who knows?!

What I do know is that I'll be repurchasing. As soon as the colour range gets over its ridiculous obsession with all things unwearable.

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