Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Style Resolutions- #Review: L'oreal Elnett Heat Styling Spray

I rarely buy anything based of advertising. But sometimes it's easy to give in.
Especially when the impossibly gorgeous Cheryl Cole has put her face to a product.
I know it's only a high-street brand but whenever I purchase L'oreal it feels a bit of a luxury.

....And I guess that's the brilliance of their marketing experts- welldone!

But, needing to inject some glam-factor in to my life (and seeing it was on offer for £3.99) I decided I would succumb and try L'oreal Elnett's Heat Styling Spray for myself.
Afterall, there's been quite a lot of hype surrounding this (again, great job marketing team)

What it says-

Volume 3 days heat protect technology.
Specially adapted to your voluminsing routine with heated appliances.
Advanced triple-action formula.
Enriched with heat-protect technology, an active ingredient known for its heat protecting properties. The formula leaves your hair shiny and soft like satin.
Helps create a voluptous bouncy blow dry and lock out flyaways and humidity.
Locks in a voluminous style for up to 3 days.

I went for volume, but to be quite frank, I'm dubious as to whether the formulas are different in the three varieties, or whether that's just a marketing gimmick. 
I used this product in a few hair-styling scenarios (all for you, lovely readers)

1. On damp hair before blow drying

2. On damp hair before blow drying, adding rollers, drying again

3. On dry hair as a styling product whilst adding waves with my Babylis Curling Wand.

I have very thick, very long hair and I know a product has to be heavy-duty to add any volume to it (but I thought well, if it works for Cheryl...)

And I have to say, I didn't notice any extra volume when I added this product to my routine.

There's no question that it is a nice heat protector and feels significantly nicer than the slightly cheaper alternatives I usually use.

I never straighten my hair, rarely curl it, and only use a hair dryer or my Babylis Big Hair every three days.

So for me, heat protection is a necessity, but it's not something I pour money in to (we all know I have an expenive nail polish obsession to upkeep).

As long as a product does the job of stopping my locks getting frazzled by my (relatively low) use of heat, then that's fine.

To be fair to L'oreal, they have been quite careful with their language on this product. It 'helps' creat a voluptous bouncy blow dry- it doesn't create it on it's own.

Then it locks in this style for 'up to 3 days'....well up to is literally anything UP TO 3...so that could mean one, it could mean a few hours.

Technically, they're not promising anything this product doesn't give. Does it protect hair from heat? Yes. Does it help with flyaways? Yes. Does it aid styling? Yes.

Heat protect is an essential part of any girl's hair care routine. But if you want to feel a bit more luxurious about it, give this a go. At the end of the day, we all want to pretend we're Cheryl, don't we? Just don't expect it to work miracles.

Review by Numbers

Did it live up to its promises?- 2.5/5-Heat protection, yes. But volume? For me personally, no.

Value for money- 4/5- This was on offer at £3.99 when I bought it and for that price, it's a great heat protector.

Packaging- 4.5/5- The packaging and branding of L'oreal is probably what makes me the biggest sucker for it. This made me feel like I was adding a bit more luxury to my routine than my usual run-of-the-mill heat protector.

Repurchase?- Yes. It's a nice heat protector, which is an essential part of haircare if you don't want frazzled locks. But I'm disappointed that it didn't make me look like Cheryl *sad face*

Have you tried L'oreal Elnett Heat Styling Spray? What do you think?



  1. I use this and I'm probably the same as you! The want for Cheryl hair and the packaging sucked me in ;)

    Kylie x

  2. They know exactly what they're doing when they put Cheryl in front of me! If only I had more willpower!..and her hair...