Friday, 29 March 2013

Fitness Friday

*WARNING- this post is going to be very honest and blunt*


We all have them, let's not be shy about it.

Big, small- they're all lovely I'm sure you'll agree.

Now, the problem is, when you exercise, these lovely things can get treated a little badly.

Bounce, bounce, bounce......It's been known for some ladies of the bigger-boobed variety to almost take one of their eyes out when running speedily down a hill.

And let's get down to it- no one wants breasts that look like oranges at the bottom of socks. 

So it's probably best to invest in keeping them safe than to have to fork out for a boob job a few years down the line, right?!

I'm not one for flashing my smalls on the internet- but for today's Fitness Friday I thought I'd share my sports bra with ya'll. (Luckily my boobs aren't in it in these photos)

This is the Panache Sports Bra and it's available in sizes B to H.
And I love this thing.

Before I seriously started to get fit, I sufficed with a couple of cheap sports bras from the high street. And yea, they're okay if you're doing yoga...but for a serious run...well, you're going to do some serious damage.

I realised if I was going to be jogging at least three times a week, I had to make the investment.

This set me back about £30 (with p&p from a store on ebay- I can't remember which but there are loads to choose from if you have a look).
And it's the best £30 I've ever spent.

When I'm seriously going for it, I tend to wear another bra underneath and my chest just doesn't budge. 

This has taken so much worry out of exercising for me. Now there's no excuse not to get on the treadmill *sigh*

Boobs + gravity= not a great mix

Boobs + gravity + poor protection= disaster

I also like to use a firming body oil after exercising (and after a shower, obvs), if that's an idea that floats your boat! You can find a recent review of a nice one here (ADD LINK)

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Resolution #Vitamins. For the face. Body Shop Skincare Review

BREAKING NEWS: I'm not getting any younger.

Yep, I know- it's come as a big shock, but we just have to deal with it.

I am now*gulp* 24. TWENTY-FOUR!

I know when I'm 44, I'll be all 'Oh, to be 24 again', but right now, it feels proper old.

YET far from wallowing in a pit of despair, I have decided to tackle this age problem head-on.

So that when I am 44, I won't regret not investing in my skin.

Screw you, wrinkles, you will not defeat me.

I'm not made of money right now (but one day I'm SURE my hair-brained schemes will come good and I'll be raking it in, so what does it matter?!) but when it comes to combating the signs of ageing, we all know prevention is better than cure.

And that, unfortunately, means cutting down on the sugar *boo* scaling back the wine intake *say it ain't so* and getting a few more early nights.

Feeling a bit (some would say uneccessarily) depressed, I decided there was no better time than the present to up my anti-wrinkle tactics. Me and ageing are going to clash in a major battle on my face- it's inevitable.

 So I need to make sure my defences are in tact and I am ready for the war.

And I think I've found a regime that works. WOOHOO.

Now, before I decided what my new regime would be, I did my research (which, if you're reading this, I'm sure you do too). I think it's important to know a) what you're putting on to your face and b) whether it's a good investment.

Anyway, cutting the crap, I decided to pick a few bits from the Body Shop's Vitamin C range.

The range was 3 for 2 and buying a Body Shop Loyalty Card was cheaper than the facial brush and included the free solid perfume- so I was pretty impressed :)

Vitamin C Powder Mix Serum
(centre of pic)

This takes a bit of getting used to. When I first opened the packet I was like 'what is this?!'
Basically, you get a bottle with liquid in the bottom and powder in the top. You push the powder in to the bottom and shake to mix (this whole pushing bsuiness took me ages!)
Then you use the mixture twice daily for ten days. Which is supposed to brighten the skin.

It has quite a strong smell and it feels a little bit like putting orange on your face, I guess (to clarify, I've never actually done that).
But I have to say, I did notice a difference. My skin does seem brighter. This is a good intensive treatment if you're feeling a bit tired, or you've got an event coming up and you want to look fresh. You need to use moisturiser afterwards though, or you're going to look tight....and not in a good way.

Vitamin C Moisturiser for Dull Skin

Winter has made me drier than a dry joke. Of the driest kind.

But I've really enjoyed using this. It's nice and rich and goes on smooth. It sinks in pretty quickly too.
I mean, it basically does the job a decent moisturiser, to be honest.
But it smells especially nice. And  it does have a brightening effect for dull skin.
I prefer to use this in the mornings. When I was using this twice daily, I did notice I had a bit of dry skin.

Vitamin C Facial Radiance Capsules

These are funny little things, aren't they?
I think they appealed to me because when I was little we had these little bubble bath pouches and I'd always accidentally break them and get the liquid in my eye and it felt awful....

...yea...on second thoughts I don't know why that would appeal to me?!

ANYWAY, so far I've managed to keep all of the serum in these pouches away from my eyes (SUCCESS).
One pod is about enough to cover your entire face and it's so smooth it makes you want to pop them all open and slather them on. But don't. Because that would be quite an expensive mistake.

The formula sinks in really quickly, so you need to rub, rub, rub to spread it over those areas that are causing you concern (like my ENTIRE face).

And if you have a big face, like me, you'll need to be quite stingy. Or just stick to the areas that need it most.

Review in Numbers

Did it live up to its promises?- 4/5- yes, these are good products. But I think I  need to repurchase and use over a continued use of time to see if I'm definitely getting what I need from them.

Value for money- 4/5- The Body Shop always seems to have some kind of sale on these days, and these products were 3 for 2.
I'm not sure I would have bought all three at full price, but having used them, I'd go back in time and tell myself to.
If they weren't on offer, that is. Which they were. So this is just pointless babble.

Packaging- 3/5. I like the bright orange colour. You definitely get the idea that this is the Vitamin C range. But it's nothing particularly exciting. I like the glass jar that the capsules come in, they wouldn't look out of place on a nice dressing table. Which I don't have.

Recommend to a friend? Yes!...though how I'd recommend anti-wrinkle skincare without insulting them, I don't know...

What anti-ageing regimes are you loving at the moment?


Monday, 25 March 2013

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday.

 Right about now, I am probably lying on the beach after one too many cocktails getting ever-more singed by the second.


That's what it does to you.

I don't know why this birthday seems so significant.

 More so than any other birthday I've ever had.

 16, 18, 21- they're all why does 24 seem so impressive?

Well, I think it's probably that, to me, it signifies proper adulthood.

I really am not a kid anymore *damn* and I can't pretend to be...Can I? Seriously, can I? Please? 


We're living in an odd time.

The age of the internet (and airbrushing) has changed everything.

 Young girls aren't so innocent anymore.

I've lost count of the amount of photos I've seen on facebook of 13 and 14-year-old girls posing in a full face of make up.

 And not much else.

We want to grow up quicker- and yet we're in a constant battle with age.

Celebrities who've got a bit of 'pillow face' are ridiculed.

But then those who let the inevitable take hold and show a few wrinkles are 'a mess'.

I don't know any of my 20-something friends who hasn't started using an anti-ageing regime.

 Well, maybe one. But she's an outdoorsy type with good skin.


At 24, my mum was married, owned a house and had a baby (me) on the way.

I am not- in any way, shape or form- ready for that.

But I just find it so...interesting(I guess that's the word) that in the 24 years I've been on the planet, the picture for 24 year-olds has changed so much.

 I am glad, though.

Yes, we've got no money. Yes, we're struggling under debt and statistically we're the first generation to have it so bad as they did after the Blitz.

But we've been taught by our mothers- the women who had us when they were 24- that we can achieve anything we put our minds to.


 ...So where does a 24-year-old girl-woman start?

Well, for now, I'm channeling Carrie Bradshaw.

Carrie Bradshaw is still running around in heels and referring to herself as a 'gal' at 40.

 And Carrie Bradshaw arrived in New York at 24.

So maybe this year, it will be the year of my arrival.

 Just as soon as I sober up and find some aftersun.....

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Resolution- #Give A Second Chance

I'M no ball breaker.

In fact, anyone watching me watch a particularly emotional episode of Corrie would mistake me as being soft as sh*t. (WHY anyone would be watching me watch Corrie who knows)

But one thing I generally don't tend to do, is go back on things. (Except if it's 'I'm giving up chocolate cake!', obvs)

That foundation ain't cutting the grade? MMmmmhMMmm honey, you being kicked to the kerb.

I was SUPER-excited about the Rimmel Apolocalypse. I heard such good things about them and, being a lover of all  things lips, I knew at least one of those babies would be coming home with me. I was tempted by Big Bang, but already having a gazillion red lipsticks, glosses, liners, I knew that wasn't the best idea.

So I decided to go with Stellar. A bright, corally, reddy, pinky...(I'm great with describing words...)

Basically, it's not like any other colour in my collection. And I really, really wanted to like it. I really, really wanted to go back and get others from the collection. But when it came to it...I just...couldn't make it work.

I'm not sure what I did wrong back then. But I was so disappointed in myself, I flung it in my make-up drawer and sulked for a while. (I didn't say I wasn't stubborn...)

Anyway, I've been gazing at it longingly ever since, tempted to try it by the disappointment.

T'other night, I was spending my free time doing what I love best (watching beauty gurus on youtube, obvs), when I came across fayesfix and I was watching all of her videos, obvs, when I happened upon a Primark Haul.
And all the while I was watching, I was like 'what is that on her lips? It's so unusual, I must have it!'
Being a seasoned youtube watcher, I knew to look in the downbar for the information I needed.

And there it was- Rimmel Apocalypse in Stellar.
My giddy aunt, I couldn't believe it. I was way is that the same thing?!

So the next day I got up, with determination in my little heart, and I grabbed that Stellar Apocalypse and I worked with it.


*wow, that's a hairy hand.....

I've started using this with a lip liner and pressing in only a small amount of colour at a time, so it's got some real staying power. My best tip is to wipe off as much excess colour from the wand as you can and apply with care.
Once I'd mastered the technique, I realised this is a real stayer.
And now definitely a stayer in my collection.

....Oh dear, I'll definitely be going back for Big Bang now...

So, as you may have guessed, today's #Resolution is to not give up on products. Just because I can't get it right the first time, doesn't mean I can't try again.

Sure, some things will never work for you. But you don't know that unless you try!

Has anyone else had this experience with the Rimmel Apocalypse? Or anyone other products you've given a second chance?


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Resolution- #Holidayyy it would be soo nice

YES, for the first time in three years I am hanging up my hard work/ procrastination and heading on holiday!

WOOHOO let the cocktails roll! *straight in to my eager little hands*

Some would say the best part of a holiday is the sun/ sea/ dancing/party time...okay okay jokes...we all know the best part is sorting out a fabulous holiday wardrobe.

So today, I thought I'd share with you some of mine

Bag- Peacocks, £14
Bikini- Asos, same here in different patterns
Sandals- Primark, £6
Feather Shell Earrings- Topshop (Sale), £4
Earrings, other- Primark, £3
Denim Shorts- New Look, here
Top- New Look, here in a haul here
Rimmel 60 Second nail polish in Sun Downer

These are just a few bits and pieces- I will post a lookbook from the sunny isles of Spain upon my return, promise...*you cry in pain*


Friday, 22 March 2013

Fitness Friday

I AM a woman obsessed.

It's the reason I drag myself out of bed in the mornings.

I last thing I think about at night....

What is the treasure behind my drifting thoughts, I hear you ask?

A knight in shining armour? An exciting new job?

No, dear reader. The hero in this magical fairytale known as my life is none other than the hearty oat.

When you're a bit poor/ have spent what little money you have on a holiday (a well-needed holiday may I add), and clothes for said holiday, it's not always easy to get healthy foods on a budget.

If we're going in to personal views here, I may as well say I don't think living on a tight budget is any excuse for not eating right. I live on a tight budget. But you won't catch me ever buying a ready meal. Vegetables really don't cost the earth. Nor do eggs, potatoes, wholemeal pasta, fruit or fish.

And neither, as you may have guessed, do oats.

The Low-Down on Oats

Oats are a great source of important dietary fibre

One part of this soluble fibre found in oars is beta-glucans- which has been proven to lower blood cholesterol.

Oats can help stabilise blood sugar levels- helping to prevent diabetes

Oats, like many plants, contain phytochemicals which are thought to help prevent cancer

Oats can help stabilise weight (YES, PLEASE), help regulate bowel function (we won't go in to this any further..) and a daily serving is thought to lower blood pressure.

So you see the answer is OATS :)*

*yes, the answer to all life's problems

So, how do I 'style' my oats? 

Well, as you may have guessed from this blog, I like to dress things up a little bit. I know it's better for you, but I can't stand it with just water (what am I, living in an 18th century workhouse?! No thanks)

So I add a dash of semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, stir and bung in the microwave (because radiation makes things even better)

Then, if I'm feeling like a particular sweet treat (and don't want to break in to the Dairy Milk), I'll chop up a banana and chuck that in

*Because none of you know what a banana looks like.....

 Next I'll add a dash of honey...

Then pop it in to the microwave for a little longer...

And voila! Delicious.

Note- If you're giving your eating a healthy overhaul, like me, avoid *AVOID AVOID* pre-packaged oat sachets..they're packed full of sugar.
Get plain oats (which work out cheaper) and dress them up yourself.

Oats make me ever so happy. On the days I get up early enough to have them before work (these have to be good skin days..otherwise my time is spend slapping on the foundation), I'm driving to the office with a smile on my face and a content feeling in my tummy.

For more information about oats, you can have a look here

Do you like oats? How are you eating yours?


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Resolution- #Matchy-Matchy

Ahhh, the 90s. Such a wonderful time. Dungarees, puffa jackets, greasy hair...

Wait, what's that?...the 90s are all over the catwalks, you say?! Oh. Better get my lycra cycling shorts back out then..(come on, if you were a child in the 90s you definitely had a pair of these and don't try to pretend you didn't!)

Call me crazy- but I just can't bring myself to get back in to dungarees (I had a bad experience with dungarees when I was about seven. It involved a toilet. That's all I'm willing to say on the matter.)
So I've decided it's all about doing the 90s the classic way.
I'm talking women in power suits with blue eyeshadow that shoul have been left wayyy in the 80s. No, I'm only joking!

What I'm talking, is 'matchy matchy'. Matching lips and nails is the way to go. What I like about this is that it's quite effortless. Do your manicure well in a colour with a corresponding lipstick and you can wear them both straight for a week. Maximum impact- minimum effort.
Obvs, the way I would do this in the modern day is red and red (of which I can't get enough)

But we're talking 90s- so it either has to be nude, or a nice pink shade.

And I've gone with Revlon Cherries in the Snow.

Typically, I only wear this lipstick on special occasions. I know it's only a drugstore brand...but Revlon always reminds me of the glamourous 50s.
Plus, this was a gift from my boyfriend (I know, he buys me lipstick. He's a keeper) and so it always has special memories for me *sick*

I was perfectly content, so I thought, with this lipstick. Nail polish? No sir, I don't need you.
I wasn't really a fan of the colour if I'm honest. I thought it looked a bit, well, 90s.

Then one day about a year ago (?!) I was catching up on my fave youtubers (as you do) and one of my all-time favourite bloggers, essiebutton was wearing this really pretty colour on her nails in a few of her posts and I was like...stop. press. What is that?!

And what was it?! It was Revlon Cherries in the Snow, of course!
So I did end up getting the matching nail polish and I'm really glad I did.

This matchy-matchy look has become one of my glam-up faves.
When you have a busy week, you don't want to be faffing around with changing colours and cr*p.
The nail polish wears well, doesn't chip easily (as long as you let it dry thoroughly first).
It's a good colour for work if your boss sometimes raises eyebrows at your nails *hands up if you've had this happen* and when you're off for an impromptu after-work drink, you can just shove on some of the lipstick and voila- instant chic!*

 *Please don't actually shove it on...clown face= not classy, trust me...

What are your favourite colour combos? Any one tried this pair?


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

OOTE- Feline Wild

 Top-Primark, £6
Skirt-Primark, £8
Bag-New Look (Sale)- £6.50
Shoes- New Look (Sale)- £9

I feel like this skirt should feature on Fitness Friday as it's a little tight- definitely an incentive!
I'm really in to nude at the moment...what is happening to me?! I wouldn't usually do the bag and the shoes together, I think the blank canvas of either makes a brighter look really 'pop'.
I love this bag just for casual use in the day too. Jeans, tee, flats and smooth smooooth hair *looks at hair*
Yep, that can only be achieved in my dreams.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Style Resolutions- #Review: Pantene Deep Moisture Souffle

It could be a long and crappy winter, central heating, over-processing-

Whatever it is, my hair was feeling seriously dry.

I find that intense conditioners work well to smooth and restore shine, but the effect's faded by the second day after washing.

By Day Two, I'm left with the same, parched-feeling hair.

So I decided to try the Pantene Deep Moisture Souffle, daily moisturiser for hair.

What it says-

Daily leave-in conditioner (for colour treated hair).
Locks in moisture for 48h for luxurious softness and instantly enhances shine.

I expected the consistency to feel like a styling mousse- light and airy.

But this has a gel texture that you can really feel when you rub between your hands. Unlike styling mousse, it doesn't expand, either, which means you don't end up with too much product which you then feel you have to use and voila- crispy hair (we've all been there).

My main concern about a product that's supposed to moisturise hair was- will it make it greasy? The 90s may be 'in' but...I'm not prepared to take grunge that far. Lanky locks are definitely not a winner.

Although I deliberately avoided the roots, it's safe to say that the answer was no.

The first time I applied this was to freshly washed, damp hair, which I then blow dried.

Already my hair felt soft and shiny and quenched.

I then applied it to day-old hair, which was slightly damp from the shower.

Finally, I worked it in to the tips the next day a few hours before washing.

I've since repeated this routine and the result? My hair genuinely doesn't feel as dry anymore.

I was dubious about a product that called itself a moisturiser for hair- a bit of a gimmick, surely?

But this has definitely done for my locks what a good old pot of Nivea does for my face.

Take this, hair!

Review by Numbers

Did it live up to it's promises?-4/5. Yes, it's not a miracle worker (but then it doesn't claim to be). What it does claim is to.......and on that front, it delivers. You need to put the effort in though

Pacaging- 3/5- I like the pinky purple colour, but the head is a little cheap.

Value for money- 5/5- It's like £4.29- you can't get a lot of magazines for that price these days

Recommend to a friend? Yes! (though all of them have lovely hair already)

Have you tried this product? What do you think? Any recommendations?  

Saturday, 16 March 2013

OOTE- Red and Leopard

Top- New Look, £9.99
Pencil Skirt- Charity Shop, £3.99
Shoes- New Look (Sale), £8
Bag- Charity Shop (£2.95)

Who says you can't wear leopard print and red?!
Well, up until a while ago- me. 
Put these two together and I'd have been like.....what's your name, Kat Slater? 
But I saw an article in company magazine about styling and outfit pretty much like this. I loved the way they'd taken the look and made it modern 

I knew I had the items I'd need in my wardbrobe, so I gave it a go. 
The result? I love it. 
Nude heels keep it modern, don't you think?

I love this little bag- another charity shop gem. It cost £2.95 and its a classic 90s piece. It kind of reminds me of something Rachel in Friends would have as an evening bag. It reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw and New York.

So, today's #Resolution is never judge a leopard by its spots....
You can reclaim a look from the trash pile and make it work for 2013.

Do you have any clothing items that remind you of places or people? Or am I just weird?*

*That was a rhetorical question...


Friday, 15 March 2013

Fitness Friday

AS I write this, I'm aching so badly from exercise that I let out a little yelp every time I move. A great start to these new weekly blog posts, eh???

But on we pursue...because today it Fitness Friday! WOOP *punches air...lets out scream of pain*

Since the beginning of 2013, I made the #Resolution that this was going to be my fittest year yet.
I've struggled with my weight since I was born (one of my earliest memories is being told by a b*tch she didn't like me because I was fat...I was literally four years old.)
The thing I've come to accept, after years of self-conciousness (which I won't go in to) is, finally, at nearly 24-years-old, I need to stop worrying and start living.
I will never be a size 8. I wasn't meant to be.
But what I can be is as fit as possible, as healthy as possible and not worry about what other people think.
I want to feel my absolute best. and exercise, surprisingly, along with healthy eating and taking care of myself, makes me feel that.
And as long as I know how I feel and what I'm doing, it doesn't matter what anyone else says. 

So every friday, I'll be posting about my quest for fitness. Whether it's a recipe, an exercise routine...or just some general rant (and I forgive you if you don't read those).....

I'll leave you in peace, for now...

But muscles, that doesn't include you. Now drop and give me 20! *screams in pain again*


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Resolution- #Give Up the Coral?


I've had a serious obsession with coral of late. Well, actually, bright colours in general. I think it's because spring is a no-show and all I can think about are sunny days and heady nights.

Anyway, just a quick post today to show you some coral treasure that made it's way in to my possession on a recent lunch break. Ooops how did that happen?! Well, it only cost basically the same amount as lunch, so it'd be rude not to, right?

So far from what this title may suggest, today's #Resolution is to rock even MORE coral. PILE it on by the dozen!...okay, so I won't be trying to get all oompa-loompa, but a few zingy things here and there genuinely brighten up the day. 

How I'll Be Styling

I'm sure you'll be seeing this bag in a lot of my upcoming spring/ summer OOTD. But to send you on your merry way, here's one way I'll be styling it- perfect for a spring dinner.

 Pencil Skirt- River Island (Sale), £8
Peplum Top- Primark (Sale)- £2
Bangle- New Look (Sale), 50p
Shoes- Next (Sale)- £14