Friday, 19 April 2013

NOTD- Rimmel Kate Salon Pro

 Owwwwww! :( I think I've fallen in love again.

That's right. A new nail polish has entered my life. How did that happen?! 

Well personally, I blame Kate Moss. Because if she didn't keep making those darn alluring adverts in which she wears some, quite frankly, excellent Rimmel products, then I'd have more money in my pocket and more room in my nail polish drawer!

But who said life was easy, eh?

And quite frankly, I couldn't wait to share this polish with you today.

Prepare your eyes for gorgeous colour...

THAT'S RIGHT. It's the 'Kate Moss' Rimmel Salon Pro lycra nail polish, £5.49.

This is very much a dupe for Essie's Hip-anema. In fact they are an exact colour match (and the names aren't exactly at opposite ends of the scale, either).

As soon as I saw promos for this polish, I knew I had to have it. Is there a more perfect summer-yet-good-for-brightening-up-winter shade?
I'm sure the formulation is not much different from the old Rimmel lycra-pro nail polishes. And some of the colours and names are even the same.
But new editions, like this baby, make the collection worth a fresh look.

This colour is a bright red-orange that looks different depending on the light...

See? One minute it's red the next it's brain just can't keep up!
And my brain can't seem to get any work done because I am so busy staring at my nails.

Formulation wise, I've had four days of wear out of this (with touch-ups) and now it is starting to look a little shabby.
The bottle promises up to 10-day wear, which isn't ever going to be a lie because just one day can be classed as 'up to' 10, you clever people at Rimmel, you.
This says it has a 'gel-like' finish and I'm 'mmm-ing' and 'ahh-ing' as to whether I agree.
The pessimist in me wants to say this is just a made-over version of the old lycra pro polishes.
The optimist wants to say that a) they were excellent anyway and b) just look at the colour

What I do know is that this polish is uber-glossy. You really could get away without a top coat with this.
They give you a generous amount, too.
Everybody knows that anything from the Rimmel 'Kate' range is going to sell well. They could have used that totally to their advantage and given as little as possible for the same price. And it still would have been well-received.
But they didn't. And for that, I applaud you, Rimmel.

In fact, I applaud you upon every aspect of this nail polish. I love it.
(and if you'd like to see how far back my unhealthy obsession with Rimmel polishes goes, click here)

 Have you tried any of these polishes? What do you think?


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