What are The Style Resolutions?

You're too fat to wear that. You have way too many cellulite dimples for a skirt that short. How would you ever walk in those heels? You look like a drag queen.

Ever said any of these things to yourself?

I have. And more, besides.

If I was to count up all the hours I've spent putting myself down, it would probably amount to...MY ENTIRE LIFE.

And what's the point when there are many, many other people in the world who are willing to put you down? There's a recession on you know, I don't want to be a job stealer.

One day I was feeling sorry for myself after one too many minutes spent looking at my wobbly bits when I had a realisation.

Look at all this crap these beautiful things I own that I don't have the guts to wear.

'Oh when I'm skinnier,' I say to myself,  'I'll wear this skirt.'

Well I'm sick of being so negative. I'm sick of self-doubt and loathing. And I've decided that life's too short for either. And I hope this blog helps you think that, too.

If I feel like rubbish, it's time to take better care of myself. So join me in my fight to get fit and feel happy (you can find updates in Friday Fitness posts, up soon)

Here and now, I make a resolution- a style resolution- that I'll stop worrying and start wearing.

Start wearing all the lovely things in my closet and have a- excuse my French- f*in great time.

And the best part is, it's just like shopping. Except in this shop I can wear sweat pants (not that you'd catch them on the style resolutions blog)

Hope you enjoy my adventures in coming out of the closet and in to a stylish new 2013 as much as I do.

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