Friday, 9 August 2013

L'oreal Skin Perfection

L'oreal has been feeding this range in dribs and drabs. It's been a couple of months since I inquisitively made my first foray in to it. But this week they brought out the big guns. That's right, Queen Cheryl got involved. And you know what that means- a demand from beauty lovers, like me, for as many reviews as they can get their uber-moisturised hands on.
You might have seen my reviews of the Micellar Solution and Cleansing Oil- Love love LOOOOOOOVE...
Until recently, I *shock horror* wasn't the biggest fan of L'oreal skincare. I found it a bit harsh on my sensitive yet spot-prone skin. 
But this range. I. Just *slow claps*
Being the obsessive compulsive I am, I had to pick up the Velvety Soft Toner on my last trip to Superdrug. 

Well, at £1.99 how can a girl resist? 

Recently I've been a lot more dedicated to the art of cleansing. Let's face it, we all know life is easier when you can just climb in to bed having given your face a cursory swipe with a make up wipe. 
But ALAS, according the the multi-billion pound skincare industry, that's a no-no. And who are we mere mortals to argue with this?!*
*I have to be honest and say I do agree non-cleansing is a fast track to wrinkle city.

So anyway- once Cheryl Cole, gorgeous woman, wades in to any new product launch, like a moth to a flame I'm hooked. 
But I sort of feel a bit smug I already discovered these on my own *does smug, cleansed face*

Has anyone tried the creams or serum in this range? I've heard good things.
Come pay day those babies are mine.

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