Monday, 18 March 2013

Style Resolutions- #Review: Pantene Deep Moisture Souffle

It could be a long and crappy winter, central heating, over-processing-

Whatever it is, my hair was feeling seriously dry.

I find that intense conditioners work well to smooth and restore shine, but the effect's faded by the second day after washing.

By Day Two, I'm left with the same, parched-feeling hair.

So I decided to try the Pantene Deep Moisture Souffle, daily moisturiser for hair.

What it says-

Daily leave-in conditioner (for colour treated hair).
Locks in moisture for 48h for luxurious softness and instantly enhances shine.

I expected the consistency to feel like a styling mousse- light and airy.

But this has a gel texture that you can really feel when you rub between your hands. Unlike styling mousse, it doesn't expand, either, which means you don't end up with too much product which you then feel you have to use and voila- crispy hair (we've all been there).

My main concern about a product that's supposed to moisturise hair was- will it make it greasy? The 90s may be 'in' but...I'm not prepared to take grunge that far. Lanky locks are definitely not a winner.

Although I deliberately avoided the roots, it's safe to say that the answer was no.

The first time I applied this was to freshly washed, damp hair, which I then blow dried.

Already my hair felt soft and shiny and quenched.

I then applied it to day-old hair, which was slightly damp from the shower.

Finally, I worked it in to the tips the next day a few hours before washing.

I've since repeated this routine and the result? My hair genuinely doesn't feel as dry anymore.

I was dubious about a product that called itself a moisturiser for hair- a bit of a gimmick, surely?

But this has definitely done for my locks what a good old pot of Nivea does for my face.

Take this, hair!

Review by Numbers

Did it live up to it's promises?-4/5. Yes, it's not a miracle worker (but then it doesn't claim to be). What it does claim is to.......and on that front, it delivers. You need to put the effort in though

Pacaging- 3/5- I like the pinky purple colour, but the head is a little cheap.

Value for money- 5/5- It's like £4.29- you can't get a lot of magazines for that price these days

Recommend to a friend? Yes! (though all of them have lovely hair already)

Have you tried this product? What do you think? Any recommendations?  

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