Thursday, 15 August 2013

New Look Shoe Sale Haul

I KNOW I say this every time a new pair of shoes comes in to my life, but seriously- I think I love them.
Nay, nay, I know it with certainty.
I have been lusting after a pair like this for a long, long time *which to me equates to roughly two weeks*- we live in an impatient society, what can I say?! 

Do you like them? You will even more when you see the price...

THAT'S RIGHT- if you're in to caging your feet up like a pair of dangerous animals, get yourself down to New Look pronto.
They're in the summer sale, but I think with tights you could rock them in the winter too.
Be warned though, if you are wide-footed like I, you will definitely need to go up a size.
I was trying some on in there and I couldn't wedge my foot in to anything smaller than an eight. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being an eight, but I'm not an eight. Their shoes run on the smaller side, is what I'm saying.

Not content with this one purchase, I had to go and treat myself to something else didn't I.
I've been looking for a pair of wedges for the longest time. I see cool girls pull them off and I've just either a) never found the right pair or b) never been cool enough to wear them.
Now, my cool factor definitely has not improved, so we'll put it down to finding the right pair.
And for £10, who can complain?

Did you pick up New Look sale?

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